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-====== Arduino-Based Payload ====== 
-{{ ru:​arduino_shield_1.png?​direct&​300| Arduino shield}} 
-The orbiter contains a mission-specific equipment that supports its main objective. This equipment, knows as payload, is what the orbiter was designed to carry in the first place. 
-The basic version of the Orbicraft construction set contains one type of payload – the still-image camera. Users can design their own payloads using the Arduino breadboard platform and software. 
-Data communications between the Arduino microcontroller and the orbiter computer take place using an extension board (a so-called shield) that mates with the microcontroller mainboard. The extension board contains a connector for interfacing with the cable network using a standard ribbon cable from the construction set. Various peripherals used in a variety of Arduino-based projects can be connected to this board. In our lessons we will show which projects can be implemented for the spacecraft payload. 
-[[https://​​usa/​arduino-mega-2560-rev3|Arduino Mega 2560]] will be used for the Arduino board. 
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