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 +{{ ru:​arduino_shield_1.png?​direct&​300| Arduino shield}}
 +The spacecraft contains in its composition the equipment, which ensures the performance of its main task. This equipment is called the payload.
 +In the basic part of the designer Orbikraft there is one payload - the camera. To create your own payloads, you can use the Arduino hardware and software platform.
 +Information exchange between the Arduino microcontroller and the on-board computer takes place with the help of an expansion card (so-called [[http://​​lib/​exe/​fetch.php?​media=ru:​arduino_shield_1.png|shield]]),​ which is installed on the board with a microcontroller. The expansion board contains a connector for connecting to the cable network by means of a standard designer cable. Various peripherals can be connected to this board [[https://​​projecthub?​by=part&​category=flying-things&​difficulty=&​part_id=10116&​sort=popular&​type=|various projects]] based on Arduino. In our lessons we will show what projects can be implemented for the payload of the spacecraft.
 +As the Arduino board is used [[https://​​usa/​arduino-mega-2560-rev3|Arduino Mega 2560]].
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