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-====== Preparing for Work ====== 
-====Installing Software==== 
-  * [[https://​​en/​Main/​Software|Download]] the Arduino IDE and install it on your computer. 
-  * Make sure your computer has [[http://​​doku.php?​id=software|up-to-date software]] for the construction set: 
-    * NotePad ++ 
-    * The Libschsat_Ard library 
-    * The library for interaction between Orbicraft Construction Set and Arduino 
-  * [[https://​​en/​guide/​libraries|Install]] the library for interaction between Arduino and the Orbicraft Construction Set in Arduino IDE. 
-====Connecting====  ​ 
-  * Install the shield in Arduino Mega 2560 
-  * Connect the shield to the Orbicraft Construction Set network using a standard ribbon cable 
-<note important>​ 
-Power will be supplied to Arduino from the construction set bus using the Vin pin via the shield. In the example shown below the red LED indicates power coming from the construction set bus to the shield and the red LED shows that Arduino in turn outputs 5 VDC to power up the connected payload from the shield. Both LEDs must be lit continuously. Color may vary depending on the version supplied. 
-  * Connect Arduino Mega 2560 to the PC using a standard USB Type B cable. 
-  * Next, proceed to the Getting Started section to explain interoperation between Arduino and the Orbicraft construction set. 
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