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-{{ ru:​htmlimage.jpg?​direct&​200|}} 
-Structurally,​ the satellite model consists of a central cubic frame to which the cases of the service modules and payload are mounted either on the inside or outside. The "​satellite"​ is suspended to the crossbar with a tough elastic nylon thread about 1-1.5 meters in length. The satellite has one degree of freedom to imitate zero gravity while rotating about the vertical axis. 
-**Note**: //the length of the thread is chosen based on which condition most minimizes the impact to the cube's planar rotation. An elastic rotational moment acting from the thread to the satellite still exists, but its impact is noticeable only when the satellite twists several times. 
-The central cube consists of four side panels, a bottom panel, and a cover panel. Side panels have ledges, bottom and cover panels have corresponding mortises to arrange the panels relative to each other. The final positioning is carried out with help of corner blocks. 
-On each panel there is a grid of screwed holes in 20 mm increments to attach modules to the central cube. The order of assembly, cabling and internal or external composition varies from the assigned task and is chosen by user. 
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