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-**Land Survey Camera** \\  
-Virtual [[power_subsys|consumption]] - 200 mA  
-{{ :​ru:​камера.png?​direct&​200| Камера}} 
-The camera is a useful payload for surveying the Earth from space, for which the spacecraft was designed in our case. In reality, in addition to cameras for surveying the Earth, there is a huge range of possible payloads for space vehicles - scientific, educational,​ military and technological. 
-In experiments with the construction set, the camera will be a useful payload as it will transfer high-quality photographs of a given "​Earth"​ surface segment - the target task of the "​launch."​ The camera has 10 memory sectors for photos taken, which are filled using the following function: 
-  int32_t take_photo(uint16_t num) 
-After filling in a memory sector, the photo remains there until it is overwritten with a new photo. Also, at any time, photos can be transmitted to Earth via a high-speed radio channel using the following function: 
-  int32_t transmit_photo(uint16_t num) //Changed in version 1.0 
-**Important notes** \\  
-The camera cable should be as short as possible (no longer than 40cm). There should not be pieces of unused cable after installing the connectors. 
-You can connect the camera directly to the camera connector only on the central computer. 
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