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-A new version of the flywheel with a high-power engine driver on a new circuitry was designed and manufactured. The new flywheels are compatible with the old ones and come with all new supplies. 
-Errors output was added in the web-interface when writing programs in Python. Now it's much easier to debug the code. 
-Support for Russian-language comments in Python was added. 
-The PSS board for new supplies has been completely re-classified in order to increase reliability and facilitate production. 
-A wiki mirror with construction set web interface descriptions was added. 
-[[arduino_modules|A shield for arduino]] that allows the arduino to be integrated into the construction set onboard network was developed. 
-The ability to clear the CPU source code base was added. The highlight was added and web interface GUI was changed. 
-Control functions of the manipulator and the engine (designed by children within the framework of Sirius) were added to the library of functions. 
-The current consumption limitation algorithm was added. Also, the PSS fuses are converted to 3.15A. 
-A tester of loops, which is necessary to check accuracy of the compression,​ was added. 
-Test support for Python syntax was added. 
-A 12V, 3A power adapter has been found and changed in the supply. It is capable of withstanding a charging operation (current limiting algorithm instead of a protective shutdown circuit). 
-Support for the accelerometer in the magnetometer module for KIAM and airtable was added. 
-The module of the fan motor for KIAM was designed. 
-A two-sensor version of the solar sensor with a plastic mask was developed. 
-Protection circuit for PSS with 5A fuse and remote unit for easy installation were added. 
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