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Current frame

The current frame is a closed solenoid (Helmholtz cage) designed to create a controlled magnetic flux value directed through its vertically fixed plane (working plane). The solenoid plays the role of a simplified uniaxial imitator of the Earth's magnetic field. The required maximum eigenvalue of the magnetic field in the geometric center of the solenoid is from 0 to not less than +/-100 thousand nT. It is controlled from the outside in steps of not more than 400 nT. Organizers of the competition control the magnetic flux from the PC by changing the current in coil with the use of a special software application.

The current frame is mounted by the user (experimenter) to the floor. The frame provides the possibility of suspending a satellite by the gimbal so that its center of mass is placed at a height of 80 cm from the floor in the working plane - the equatorial plane of the globe - so that its unlimited free rotation is ensured.

Main characteristics of the solenoid:

  • Zone of uniformity (5%, 1 degree) coincides with the size of the construction set
  • Material: aluminum frame, copper conductor;
  • Dimensions: provide free rotation of the model on the thread inside of it with the possibility of adjusting the height by a value of +/- 5 cm.
  • Operation time at full power: at least 4 hours;
  • Supply voltage: not more than 27 V
  • Safe in laboratory use.

Current frame control system:

  • Control interface from PC: USB, RS232
  • Control: code from -255 to +255
  • Control frequency: not worse than 1 Hz
  • Accuracy: not worse than +/-5%

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