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Mission Control Center Software

The Mission Control Center (MCC) software operates on a “ground” computer and provides the necessary functionality for receiving and displaying data from the satellite - both telemetry on the operation of the on-board systems and payload data. To work with the program, it is necessary to assemble a “ground” segment for the network from the standard blocks (included in the construction set). The segment is assembled similarly to the satellite's on-board network and is connected directly to the user's computer with a USB cable. In the “ground” network, there is an RF receiver and a ground VHF receiver.

As you can see in the screenshot, in the upper left section of the MCC software interface there is a selection of available ports for connection. After connecting the USB cable and updating this window, the USB-SERIAL CH340 port should appear in the drop-down list. Then you need to set the connection with the “connect” button and the system will be ready for use. A driver mismatch may cause the port name to be different. In this case, it is easy to check if it is the port you need by checking its presence on the list. After disconnecting the USB cable and pressing Refresh, it should disappear from the list. After connecting to USB and pressing Refresh, it will appear again. In that case, connect to this port, whatever it is called.

The left text box is intended for displaying information coming from the satellite via the VHF radio channel (telemetry).

The right part of the interface displays the current level of the RF transmitter signal and the last information received from the on-board payload (a photo from the satellite, if available).

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