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-**The programming environment interface** 
-{{ ru:​gui_interface.jpg?​direct&​300|}} 
-The programming environment is designed so that the user can write the on-board software and prepare its on-board loading. The environment is deployed and launched on an ordinary personal computer with Windows OS. 
-The programming environment is built based on the standalone version of the **Notepad ++** editor. This editor supports syntax highlighting,​ prompts, and autocomplete. If necessary, these functions can be customized by the user at his or her own discretion. 
-The source file with functions that implement the control profile for on-board “satellite” systems can be created anywhere directly on the disk with the extension **.c**. After the file is prepared in the editor, you need to prepare an archive with the program by clicking the "​Prepare"​ button in the editor'​s interface (highlighted in the screenshot). If everything passed successfully,​ a ZIP-archive will be created in the folder next to the source file. If any errors are detected during the automatic analysis of the file syntax, the archive will not be created and the error information will appear in the console at the bottom of the editor screen. 
-After the archive with the program is created, it must be downloaded to the central “satellite” computer via WiFi using [[debug_interface|the web interface]]. 
-[[software|Download developer'​s software]] 
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