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-**High-frequency receiver** 
-{{ ru:​hf_rx.jpg?​direct&​200|}} 
-The high-frequency (HF), high-speed receiver is part of the construction set and simulates a ground station for receiving information over a high-speed channel. When carrying out the experiments,​ similar receivers will be mounted directly on the Earth'​s surface, i.e. on the [[sim_earth|globe]]. However, for the preliminary development of the "high speed radio channel,"​ the construction set module should be used. 
-This module works in conjunction with the Mission Control Center software (MCC). When you point it to the "​beam"​ of the on-board [[hf_tx_subsys|HF transmitter]],​ the ground-based HF receiver signals to the MCC that the communication channel has successfully been established. The communication line must also be retained ensuring an accurate stabilization of the "​satellite"​ - only in this case satellite payload data can be transferred to the "​Earth"​ through the communication channel. This takes into account the quality of the communication channel, which depends on the accuracy of the targeting of the on-board HF transmitter on the MCC: it determines whether photo will be transmitted and displays the result at a scale from 0 to 100 in the upper right part of the MCC software interface. 
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