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High-frequency receiver

The high-frequency (HF), high-speed receiver is part of the construction set and simulates a ground station for receiving information over a high-speed channel. When carrying out the experiments, similar receivers will be mounted directly on the Earth's surface, i.e. on the globe. However, for the preliminary development of the “high speed radio channel,” the construction set module should be used.

This module works in conjunction with the Mission Control Center software (MCC). When you point it to the “beam” of the on-board HF transmitter, the ground-based HF receiver signals to the MCC that the communication channel has successfully been established. The communication line must also be retained ensuring an accurate stabilization of the “satellite” - only in this case satellite payload data can be transferred to the “Earth” through the communication channel. This takes into account the quality of the communication channel, which depends on the accuracy of the targeting of the on-board HF transmitter on the MCC: it determines whether photo will be transmitted and displays the result at a scale from 0 to 100 in the upper right part of the MCC software interface.

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