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-On our Wiki-page you will find all the information about how to work with the Orbikraft designer and the Terra laboratory equipment. 
-If you are practically not familiar with our designer, then we recommend that you go from the top to the bottom in the menu sections. So you will gradually learn to work with software, write programs "from simple to complex"​ and collect equipment. 
-To make it easier for you to familiarize yourself with the work with the designer and to avoid some typical mistakes, we use different notes in the color fields. Pay attention to them. 
-<note tip> 
-**//Fields with a green background tell you about the features of working with the kit.//** 
-<note important>​ 
-**//Fields with a yellow background require specific actions from you that you need to pay attention to when working with the kit//** 
-<note warning> 
-**//Fields with a red background warn about what to do should not be.//** 
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