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-**On-board central computer** \\  +====== Orbiter Computer ====== 
-Virtual ​[[power_subsys|consumption]] - 150mA+==== Orbiter Control Computer ==== 
 +Virtual ​power draw: 150 mA
 {{ :​ru:​бку.png?​direct&​200| БКУ }} {{ :​ru:​бку.png?​direct&​200| БКУ }}
-The satellite on-board central computer ​(OBCcontains ​and executes user programs ​of the microsatellite ​mission. It is the software running ​on it that decides in what order to receive data from which sensors, how to interpret the datawhat control commands to give, when to turn the payload ​on and off (take picture)and when and what information ​to transfer to the "Earth". It should be noted that in real life the central computer should not be disconnected from the PSS programmatically,​ since without OBC the spacecraft will be lost in space. In our construction set, this cannot be done in the normal mode of operation.+The Orbiter Control Computer ​(OCCin the Orbicraft Construction Set holds and executes user’s program for the flight ​of the microsatellite. It is software running ​in the OCC that decides ​which sensors to poll in which order, how their readings are to be interpretedwhich control commands to issue, when to turn on/​off ​the payload (make photo) and which data to transfer to the Earth.
-To download ​the user program ​code onto the on-board central computer, you need to use the [[debug_interface|web interface]].+See the Getting Started section on writing a simple ​program ​for the construction set.
-There is a special software [[libschsat|library]] for working with peripheral devices of the "​satellite"​ via the RS485 bus already installed on the on-board central computer. ​ 
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