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On-board central computer
Virtual consumption - 150mA


The satellite on-board central computer (OBC) contains and executes user programs of the microsatellite mission. It is the software running on it that decides in what order to receive data from which sensors, how to interpret the data, what control commands to give, when to turn the payload on and off (take a picture), and when and what information to transfer to the “Earth”. It should be noted that in real life the central computer should not be disconnected from the PSS programmatically, since without OBC the spacecraft will be lost in space. In our construction set, this cannot be done in the normal mode of operation.

To download the user program code onto the on-board central computer, you need to use the web interface.

There is a special software library for working with peripheral devices of the “satellite” via the RS485 bus already installed on the on-board central computer.

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