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-**Orbicraft gimbal** +====== Construction Set Hanger ======
-{{ru:​подвес.png?​100 |}}+
-The satellite gimbal is a system that provides the suspension of the satellite in laboratory conditions, within the Earth'​s gravity field. It is like a physical pendulum using special fasteners. The gimbal provides an elastic rotation of the satellite model relative to the gimbal axis in the horizontal plane.+**Orbicraft Construction Set Hanger**
-The gimbal is sufficiently strong, ​elastic ​thread ​of great elongation (the ratio of its length to the diameter >>1), which has an attachment (built-in) on one side to the satellite model and on the other side to the power frame under the ceiling of the room in which the experiment is conductedThe length of the thread ​can be from 1 to meters (to be able to accommodate in a room with reasonable requirements for ceiling height). The gimbal provides a simple control of the length of the thread within this range by one person with an accuracy of not worse than 1 cm.+The Orbicraft hanger suspends the construction set in the gravitational field of Earth similar to physical pendulum. The hanger ensures ​elastic ​rotation ​of the satellite model relative ​to its suspension axis in the horizontal planeA single hanger ​can accommodate ​construction sets.
-The main parameters ​of the thread:+{{ru:​подвес.png?​direct&​200|}} 
 +Key specifications ​of the thread: 
 +  * Minimum load capacity: 10 kg 
 +  * Maximum twisting angle: ±360° 
 +  * Essentially stable properties over time and temperature range when used in laboratory settings (temperature +18..+25°C,​ relative humidity 50..95%, normal pressure)
-    *carrying capacity not less than 10 kg; 
-    *maximum angle of twist: + -360 degrees; 
-    *slight change in characteristics with time and temperature when working in laboratory conditions (temperature +18 .. +25 C, moisture 50..95%, normal pressure). 
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