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-**Work in progress** 
-  * Development of solar sensor version 3 based on the photodiode array with a more technological mask. 
-  * Development of a shunt engine simulator module with propellers for providing large torque and the possibility of unloading the flywheel. 
-  * Increasing the produceability of flywheels manufacturing process in order to improve the balance of the flywheel and to reduce consumption (and noise). 
-  * Creating an English version of this Wiki. 
-**Our plans:** 
-  * Development of a high-resolution camera. 
-  * Develop an IDE based on Eclipse or our own development. 
-  * Changing the algorithm for transferring photos to avoid conflicts with antivirus and firewalls. 
-  * The ability to customize the channels of the VHF receiver and transmitter. 
-  * We will be glad to receive suggestions on improvement or rework of the construction set. Contact us [[]] 
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