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Sun simulator

Sun simulator is a light source providing a beam of light for a number of characteristics similar to the solar one in order to influence the model orientation system and the conditions of shooting the globe sections with a camera installed in the satellite model.

Main parameters of the simulator:

  • beams non-parallelism not worse than 12 deg,
  • the radiation spectrum - as close as possible to the solar,
  • diameter of the light beam concentrating 90% of the power not more than 20 cm,
  • the power of visible radiation is close to the solar 1367 W / m2 at a distance of at least 0.2 m from the light source,
  • safety for eyes (protection glasses),
  • during the experiment the simulator is stationary and can be easily moved by one person to any distance between the experiment sessions,
  • power supply from a normal 220V network,
  • The presence of a mounting system (tripod), which allows stepless adjustment of the light source in height (from 0.5 to 1.5 m), in angle of inclination to the horizon (-60..60 degrees).

The Sun simulator must be turned on by user before the experiment is started and manually turned off after the experiment using a conventional switch.

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