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-**[[gui_interface|Development ​environment]]** \\  +**[[gui_interface|The NotePad++ ​Development ​Environment]]** \\  
-{{ru:​|N++ (1.15)}} ​Version with the help of Russian comments in .py and with the output ​of errors in the web-interface when writing programs ​on Python \\+{{ru:​|N++ (1.15)}} 
 +{{ru:​|N++ (1.18)}} – a version ​of NotePad++ for writing ​Arduino control ​programs ​(beta)
-**[[gc_interface|Interface of MCC]]** \\ +**[[gc_interface|Mission Control Center (MCC)]]** \\ 
-{{ru:​|СMCC software (Version X)}} \\ +{{ru:​|MCC software (Version X)}} \\ 
-To run the MCC software, you should only run the //​GroundControl.exe//​ file. The ftpdmin file starts automatically in the background with necessary settings.+**Updates for the Orbiter**
-**[[pc_subsys|CPU]] update** \\  +To install the update ​open the Settings ​page in the web interface ​(use admin as the login and password) and download ​the respective ​files as described
-To install the update, go to the page "Settings" ​in the web interface and load the corresponding ​files using the posted descriptions.\\  +  
-{{ru:​schsat-gui-20170622124845_noarch.deb|Schsat-GUI}} Current ​version of the GUI firmware\\  +Schsat-GUI ​The current ​version ​(2018-07-30) ​of the GUI firmware ​for the web interface of the orbiter.  
-{{ru:libschsat-20170325115940_armhf.deb|Libschsat}} Standard Function Library Update \\+ 
 +Libschsat An update to the standard function library.  
 +Libschsat_Ard An update to the standard function library containing Arduino control functions (beta).  
 +**Arduino Library** 
 +Install the following library in Arduino IDE to enable interoperation between the Orbicraft Construction Set and Arduino: 
 +Library for Arduino to interact with the Orbicraft Construction Set 
 +**Mirroring this Wiki on the Orbiter** 
 +For older versions of the construction set (before July 2017) install Web server packages first (Light-server and Web-socket)  
 +Schsat-Wiki:​ A local copy of the Wiki (dated 2018-05-23) for the web interface of the construction set is available at http://​​8000 
 +USB-RS485 interface cable driver 
 +**Running NotePad++ Under Non-Windows Systems** 
 +Installing NotePad++ on Unix and Mac: 
 +1) Download NotePad++ using the link on this page. 
 +2) Rename the Notepad++ folder ensuring that the name only contains Latin characters, no special symbols (!#@ etc.), no spaces and does not begin with a digit. 
 +3) Download Wine Stable: 
 +Ubuntu : https://​​Ubuntu 
 +Mac: https://​​MacOS 
 +Please note that system security settings in MacOS must enable installation of third-party software. To check whether that is so, go to System Preferences → Privacy and Security, click the padlock icon and allow execution of programs downloaded from App Store and identified developers. 
 +Additionally,​ for Wine to work successfully on MacOS, be sure to install XQuartz: https://​ 
 +4) Open the renamed Notepad++ folder and right-click on the notepad++.exe. Choose “Open in Wine”. Be aware that Wine emulates Windows, therefore Windows hotkeys should be used in Wine (Ctrl+C instead of Command+C etc.)
-**Setup the mirror of this wiki on the [[pc_subsys|CPU]]** \\  
-For older versions of the construction set (before 07.2017), first install the web server packages ({{ru:​althttpd-0d6bbfa92f_armhf.deb |Light-server}} and {{ru:​websocketd-0.2.11_armhf.deb |Web-socket}}) \\ 
-{{ru:​schsat-wiki-20170325115940_noarch.deb|Schsat-Wiki}} A local copy of Wiki for construction set web interface is available at: http://​​8000 \\ 
-**Drivers** \\  
-{{ru:​|Driver for USB cable}} 
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