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Development environment
N++ (1.15) Version with the help of Russian comments in .py and with the output of errors in the web-interface when writing programs on Python

Interface of MCC
СMCC software (Version X)

To run the MCC software, you should only run the GroundControl.exe file. The ftpdmin file starts automatically in the background with necessary settings.

CPU update
To install the update, go to the page “Settings” in the web interface and load the corresponding files using the posted descriptions.
Schsat-GUI Current version of the GUI firmware
Libschsat Standard Function Library Update

Setup the mirror of this wiki on the CPU
For older versions of the construction set (before 07.2017), first install the web server packages (Light-server and Web-socket)
Schsat-Wiki A local copy of Wiki for construction set web interface is available at:

Driver for USB cable

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