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-**WiFi connection to the construction set network** 
-WiFi connection is used to download and debug the on-board software from "​Earth"​ developers, as well as for the high-speed transmission of information from the payload during the operation of the "​satellite."​ When power is supplied to the central on-board computer from the power supply system, the on-board software is automatically downloaded. After everything is downloaded, the central computer creates its own WiFi network named **SCHSAT**. The name of the network can be changed with the help of the [[debug_interface|web interface]]. It is highly recommended to change the name during the final preparation stage for "in flight"​ experiments with several "​satellites"​ so that several "​satellites"​ can work simultaneously in near-Earth orbit. This will help to avoid conflicts between networks in one room. 
-To work with MCC software for the time of experiment IP-address of PC WiFi adapter which will be used to work with the "​Satellite"​ should be changed to ****. It can be done in network settings of the PC operating system. Only after that, you can connect to the network **SCHSAT**. 
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