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WiFi connection to the construction set network

WiFi connection is used to download and debug the on-board software from “Earth” developers, as well as for the high-speed transmission of information from the payload during the operation of the “satellite.” When power is supplied to the central on-board computer from the power supply system, the on-board software is automatically downloaded. After everything is downloaded, the central computer creates its own WiFi network named SCHSAT. The name of the network can be changed with the help of the web interface. It is highly recommended to change the name during the final preparation stage for “in flight” experiments with several “satellites” so that several “satellites” can work simultaneously in near-Earth orbit. This will help to avoid conflicts between networks in one room.

To work with MCC software for the time of experiment IP-address of PC WiFi adapter which will be used to work with the “Satellite” should be changed to It can be done in network settings of the PC operating system. Only after that, you can connect to the network SCHSAT.

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