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 {{ ru:​wsr.png?​direct&​100| Orbikraft with laboratory equipment Terra }} {{ ru:​wsr.png?​direct&​100| Orbikraft with laboratory equipment Terra }}
-[[https://​​|WorldSkills]] – WorldSkills ​is an international ​non-profit ​movement ​whose goal is to increase ​the prestige of working professions ​and the development of vocational ​education. WorldSkills ​is held in the form of professional ​skill competitions both in each of the 77 member countries of WorldSkills International ​[[https://​​|WorldSkills International]], ​and internationally..+[[https://​​|WorldSkills]] – is a global ​non-commercial ​movement ​purporting ​to improve ​the prestige of blue-collar trades ​and advance ​vocational ​training. WorldSkills ​takes place in the form of professional ​skills contests held in every of 77  [[https://​​|WorldSkills International]], ​participant countries as well as internationally.
-Today it is the world'​s ​largest known competition,​ in which young skilled workers, students ​of universities and colleges take part. And well-known ​professionals, ​specialistsindustrial ​training ​masters ​and mentors participate in the capacity of experts evaluating the performance of competitive tasks.+As of now, this is the largest ​global competition ​known worldwide involving ​young skilled ​technicians and university and college ​workers. Entries to the contest are judged by a jury of renowned ​professionals, ​expertsmasters of shop-floor ​training and coaches.
-In 2016, for the first time, competitions on the competence of Space Systems Engineering were held in Russia. The company SPUTNIKS, which has experience both in the development of space systems and the organization of engineering competitions,​ has acted as the main industrial partner in this area and since then has been directly involved both as an industrial partner of all events and in providing expert support at the sites.+{{:​img_3104_copy.jpg?400|}}
-The Orbikraft satellite kit and the Terra space environment simulators are used as the target equipment at the championships.+For the first time, competitions in Space Systems Engineering took place in Russia in 2016. SPUTNIX, a company with a track record both as a space systems developer and as a host of engineering contests, supported ​the event in the capacity of Chief Industrial Partner and has since taken part in all events as an industrial partner and an expert providing onsite support.
-Documentation on conducting championships of competence of **space systems engineering**\\  +Target equipment for championships comprises the Orbicraft satellite construction set and Terra integrated space environment simulators. 
-  * {{worldskills_инженерия_космических_систем_v03.pptx|Presentation}}\\ + 
 +Documentation on conducting championships of competence of **space systems engineering**  
 +  * {{worldskills_инженерия_космических_систем_v03.pptx|Presentation}} ​
   * [[https://​​assets/​docs//​%D0%A2%D0%9E_%D0%98%D0%9A%D0%A1_09_2017.docx|Technical description]]   * [[https://​​assets/​docs//​%D0%A2%D0%9E_%D0%98%D0%9A%D0%A1_09_2017.docx|Technical description]]
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